Split Monogram
from £17.50
Available in two sizes, our popular monogram artwork is carved and finished with any initials and names. The smaller size is approximately 30x30cm and the larger size is approximately 60x60cm.
Initial Name
from £25.00
A 50cm tall carved Initial, over-layed with any name you like. Ideal as wallart for any room of the home or office.
Wedding Items
from £25.00
Our range of wedding signs are carved and handfinished with messages and information to add that special touch to your day. Whether a seating plan, directions or special messages for the bride & groom, we have you covered.

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About Me

By day, I work in the deep of a small, busy IT Department, programming automation tools and writing system services for business process management, mixed in with a whole bunch of database query writing and other equally exciting things ... and the rest of the time, I'll be at home with my little creative crew, which consists of three kids who always have paper, scissors, pens and cellotable on the go and my wife, who is a home-crafter and the founder of Little Lisa Pins & Needles.
My father, being an apprentice trained carpenter and cabinet maker for the better part of his life, was the spark of interest in 'woodworking' and I soon combined my creative side with an industrial laser machine and more recently, a larger format CNC machine. My workshop is continually evolving as I learn new things (and find more space), bringing some of my skills to the marketplace. If you have a project idea, I'm interested to hear from you and will tackle most things, without stacking up the cost.