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We have a growing passion to complete larger and more complex projects, particularly in the commercial and commissioned piece areas; we would love to hear your ideas and to provide you with a no obligation quote for your project in these areas.

For the production, we select quality materials that are within the confines of the specification/quote, are appropriate for the finished designs and supplied from approved reclamation/recycling services or managed, sustainable forests and aim to waste as little material as possible.

The image on this page, is from a recent project, which was completed for us to try out some of the difference carving and finishing techniques. Usually, the "concept" work is done as something for our own walls or perhaps a gift for someone we know. For this project we chose a local non-profit organisation that we have been following for a while and have used for the supply of materials in our home/workshop renovation, so it was a pleasure to make this and drop by their new shop (opening soon). 

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